• Saturdays can easily be frittered away by repeated tidying, organizing, or cataloguing. Why postpone making crafts with the kids or having lunch with a dear friend?
  • Clutter Bugs are people drowning in 'Stuff'. They seem to spend a lot of time making excuses for not doing things they need to do, saying "I've got to clean my closet..., or organize my garage... or go through the papers on my desk." but never get around to. We only use about 20% of what we own, so only keep it if you use it or love it.
    Julie Morgenstern. Author of Organizing From The Inside Out.

  • "FENG SHUI" says you should rid your home / workplace of chaos & clutter.

  • Once upon a time having household help was an indulgence reserved only for the rich, but today the professional house cleaner has become almost a necessity for those who have traded in their 'Pledge' cans for paychecks. "Clean off your desk day" is in January. "Let's get organized week" is first week in October.

  • Stephanie Winston (Best Organizing Tips) says "People are suffering from too many things to do and too little time to do them. Things to do, places to go, people to see, & never enough time for everything. People are often convinced that they don't have time to get organized. What they usually fail to realize is that their lack of organization leaves them even less time for their busy lives. You'll soon discover that clearing the clutter (on your desk, in your kitchen, closet, or garage) will enhance your productivity at work and at home. A small investment now could free up hours of precious personal time for years to come.

  • They say you can't take it with you when you go to heaven, but rumor is if you go to hell, you not only take it with you but spend eternity sorting, scrubbing & polishing it. To avoid hell on earth, we need to take a long, hard look at the stuff we spend half our life accumulating & the other half maintaining; the stuff that makes a clean home look messy & a dirty home a disaster. Clutter King - Don Aslett.

  • We all crave beauty & order. "People are doing less housework because they don't have the time", observes household tip expert Mary Ellen Pinkham. "But they're very concerned about how their homes look."

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